Susanna Maria HAVELL (1822-1884)

Brambles around the grave monument of Susanna. It is hard to see the actual grave. There is an oval shaped stone next to it. Susanna's grave is a coffin grave.
The grave of Susanna, overtaken by nature.

Life story retold by Yota Dimitriadi

Susanna Maria Havell was born on 7 May 1822 to Edmund Havell and Maria Anne Havell (nee Binfield). She was one of 10 children (2 were half-siblings from her father’s second marriage).

The Havell family included a number of notable artists such as engravers, etchers, painters and musicians. Her uncles were William Havell, a well-known landscape artist and Frederick James Havell, line engraver, practised mezzotint and experimented in photography techniques. Her father Edmund Senior was an occasional exhibitor at the Royal Academy, and he succeeded his father as drawing-master at Reading Grammar School and took over his small printing shop in town. Susanna’s brother, Edmund Havell Junior, was a well-known painter as well.

Susanna was a musician and a music teacher. She worked with her aunt, the composer and performer Hannah Rampton Binfield and accompanied her at her frequent recitals, some of which took place at Reading Town Hall. We do not know much about her life at this stage.

Susanna died on 7th June 1884. She is buried at Reading Old with her aunt who died on 2nd May 1887.

Buried in Section 61, Row B, Number 35