Nicholas James LOVEGROVE

Life story retold by Fiona Swift (family friend)

Nicholas (Nicky) James Lovegrove was buried 28 August 1945. He was baptised 11 Oct 1941 at St John’s the Baptist, lower Caversham. Son of Robert (Bob) Gordon and Rose Lovegrove (nee Balmain). The family lived at 55 Highgrove Street Reading. His father, a well-known repairer of church buildings, died in 1997.

Nicky was disabled. I don’t know the precise nature of his disability. He was non verbal though his mother understood him. He died in hospital – not sure which one.

Nicky was the eldest of three children. His brother Thomas was one when Nicky died. His sister Patricia (Pat) was born about 7 months after his death. Nicky was loved and never forgotten by his family, who spoke about him throughout their lives.

Nicky is buried in an unmarked grave. It was purchased by his dad for 5 pounds 5 shillings.

Section 44, Row K, Plot 7611