Edward John BONNEY (1899- 1973)

Life story retold by Heather Bonney

Edward John Bonney (my grandfather) born 4th January 1899 in Reading and died 21st December 1973 in Peppard Hospital.  He is standing at the back in the family photo. 

Family photo: 3 adults sitting at the front.  On the left a wmoan with black dress, in the middle an older man with white beard. On his lap a little girl with pig tails and on the right a middle-aged man with a moustache, a suit, a waistcoat and pocket watch.
At the back standing up: a younger woman with her arm on the woman sitting at the front, a young boy (teenager?) in the middle and another young woman in a white high collar  blouse to the right.

I also attach a picture that appeared in the local paper when he was taken prisoner on 24th March 1918 at St. Quentin during WW1.  I have managed to trace him to 2 prisoner of war camps in Germany but apparently he was also in Poland, returning to England in 1919.

As a result he didn’t want to travel far (much to the annoyance of my grandmother).  The furthest he went was to Hastings for two weeks every year.  He was a lorry driver later in life but did not own a car.

The grave is by the back wall near the war memorial.  This also has six occupants.

Buried at the back of the cemetery [unmarked grave?]