John POULTON (1811-1885)

Photograph of the (flat) ledger monument of John POULTON with some surrounding vegetation The inscription reads: "John Poulton - formerly of Norfolk and relict of the above" that is "Isabella Poulton beloved wife and mother - died November 28th 1874 aged 58 years.

John Poulton lived in Milman Road, in a house called “Kingsclere” and his father-in-law lived in a house called “Highclere” which according to the Industrial History of Katesgrove website, both houses are still there.

John Poulton owned Kategrove and Waterloo Kiln which he sold in 1908 to The Colliers. According to Waterloo Sunrise (Katesgrove Community Book Project, 1999) Waterloo Kiln was on Elgar Road and was the biggest kiln in the area and was in use for many years.

According to an article entitled ‘Brickworks of Katesgrove on The Berkshire Industrial Archeological Group (BIAG) website, John Poulton first appeared in Reading on the 1861 census with his wife Isabella and their seven children. In April 1866 the Reading Mercury had a notice stating that John Poulton & Sons had taken over Katesgrove Kiln from the previous owners E Salter & Co.

The same article states that John Poulton produced bricks, ridge tiles chimney pots and moulded bricks at his Waterloo Kiln on Waterloo Road in Katesgrove”. It also notes that John Poulton also ran ‘Poulton’s Reading China Bazaar at 103 & 104 Broad Street.

Image of vintage red brick with the name "Poulton and Sone Reading" inscribed in the centre of the brick
Photo credit: Martyn Fretwell – Old Bricks: England website

When John retired in 1882, his eldest son William took the brickworks and it was renamed “Messrs Poulton & Sons of the Adamantine Steam Brickworks”. His other two sons – George and Frederick took over the China Bazaar.

According to Reading Museum’s website the image (below) of the large fluted terracotta keystone for a door was made by Poulton and Son (c. 1890-1908) for their own office building on the corner of Waterloo Road and Elgar Road in Kategrove, Reading. It was removed when the building was demolished in 1974.

Photo graph of red brick keystone
Source: Reading Museum Collection

The grave ledger reads “John Poulton – formerly of Norfolk and relict of the above” that is “Isabella Poulton beloved wife and mother – died November 28th 1874 aged 58 years. Other members of his family are also named on the ledger including that Anne his daughter.

Buried in Section 58, Row C, Number 7