Frances May WEST (1891-1973)

Life story retold by Heather Bonney

Frances May West (nee Bonney),  Edward John Bonney’s sister, born 5th November 1891 in Reading, died 15th November 1973 in Reading. Her parents were Edward James Bonney and Emma Frances.

She is shown in the photo holding her son. She is with her grandfather, John William Boulton and her mother.

A family photo. In the middle standing up an older gentleman in a suit with a tie. He is smiling. He has little hair on his head  and a white beard.
On his left sitting down his wife wearing a black high collar dress.  On his right sitting down a  younger woman with a white blouse holding a baby that seems to  be wearing a white dress.

Buried with her are:

Sydney Denis West born 16th December 1917 in Reading, died 18th March 1936 in Reading.

Sydney West (Frances’ husband) born 13th November 1885 in Reading, died 11th February 1966 in Reading.  I think he was an insurance clerk.

Nellie West (Sydney’s sister) born 28th February 1875 in Reading, died 20th October 1949 in Reading.

Ernest Amos Nash (Nellie’s husband) born 19th October 1872 in Mortimer, died 3rd April 1948 in Reading.

Charles Bonney who was born in 1811 and died on 1st September 1872. He and his wife Juliana Dorcas Dibley (1828-22nd March 1892) are Edward James Bonney’s parents.

Buried in Section ?[unmarked grave]