Emma Frances BOULTON (1844- 1929)

Life story retold by Heather Bonney

Emma Frances Boulton/Bonney was born in Swindon on 30th August 1869.  She married Edward James Bonney and died at 25 Coley Avenue, Reading (her daughter’s house) on 12th November 1949.

I attach a photo of Emma with her father, John William Boulton and her daughter, Frances May, holding her son. 

A family photo. In the middle standing up an older gentleman in a suit with a tie. He is smiling. He has little hair on his head  and a white beard.
On his left sitting down his wife wearing a black high collar dress.  On his right sitting down a  younger woman with a white blouse holding a baby that seems to  be wearing a white dress.

In the family photo Emma is in the front row. 

Family photo: 3 adults sitting at the front.  On the left a wmoan with black dress, in the middle an older man with white beard. On his lap a little girl with pig tails and on the right a middle-aged man with a moustache, a suit, a waistcoat and pocket watch.
At the back standing up: a younger woman with her arm on the woman sitting at the front, a young boy (teenager?) in the middle and another young woman in a white high collar  blouse to the right.

Emma is buried with her husband and daughter in her parents’ grave. Her brother Tom Sansum Boulton is also buried there.

Buried in Section 40, Grave 6763 [Row I, Number 16]