Ellen (d. 1929) & William (d. 1924)

Life story retold by Deborah Oughtibridge

Ellen was Ellen Swain. She was born in 1855 and was the daughter of Joseph Swain (1810-1881), my great x3 Grandfather.  She was Joseph’s youngest daughter  and was about seven years old when her mother (Joseph’s first wife) died of Typhus Fever in Pangbourne . I have not come across her mother’s burial either.

William Butcher originated from Brightwell in Berkshire and was a carpenter. His first wife, Jane, died in 1885. William had six children from his previous marriage when he married Ellen in 1887 in the Zoar Chapel, Reading. They lived for much of their married life at 127 Beecham Road, Reading.

William died in 1924 and Ellen in 1929. Both were buried in unconsecrated ground in London Road Cemetery.

unmarked graves.