Charles (1858-1941) & Blanche SEYMOUR

Photograph of grave which is covered with grass and its sides have been recently cleared to show the sides of the stonework
Photo by Sue Little

Life story retold by Sue little

Charles and Blanche were my paternal grandmother’s parents. I think they originally lived in Albert Road in Newtown. They had 9 children. The names [of the children] I know are: Ralph, Albert (who both emigrated to USA) and Louisa (my grandmother born 1892) and Gladys born 1906. Sadly I have no other information on them.

My grandmother (Louisa Harriet) was one of the eldest girls and she was born in 1892. I only knew her youngest sister Gladys (1906). They had an older brother Ralph who emigrated to USA and I know he had at least one daughter, but sadly that’s all I know.

Charles died on April 17, 1941 at the age of 83 and Blanche dies on June 4, 1949 at the age of 83.

The photos of the grave are from when I found it 5 years ago and did my best to unearth it! It is on the left of the main path near to the massive yew tree and 2 graves away from a war grave. One photo shows their grave in the foreground with the war grave & tree behind.

Buried in Section 10, Row K, Number 11