Anthony Cuthburt COLLINGWOOD DENNY (1818-1857)

Lieutenant's grave stone, front. The grave stone also is for his eldest son (Anthony Denny) and grandson. Also, the grave stone of Mary Randoll his wife. 
Column grave. 
Inscription: 'Sacred to the memory of Anthony Cuthburt Collingwood Denny, lieutenant R N born 9th sep 1818, died 22nd 1857, eldest son of Anthony Denny Esqr of Barham Wood Herts and Grandson of Admiral Lord Collingwood of Heathpoole and Coldburn. Lieutenant Denny served his country in the South of Europe, the west Indies, South America, and China/ where he obtained a medal. Also to the memory of Mary Randoll, his wife who died at Brighton on the 6th of March 1875 aged 52, "for so long he giveth his beloved sleep", Psalm CXXVII.2. 
Here also lie the remains of Anna M McGillivray, widow of Lachlan Mcgillvray Esqe of St Thomas's in the East in the Island of Jamaica, and mother in law of A C C Denny born 2d May 1790, died at Reading 28th March 1848.'

Life story retold by Yota Dimitriadi

Lieutenant Anthony Cuthbert Collingwood Denny, like his famous grandfather, was a man of the sea, a member of the Royal Navy. We know he fought in the Opium Wars, that have shaped China’s perceptions of the West.

He was one of the 4 grandchildren of Admiral Lord Collingwood of Hethpool and Coldburn. Yes,that Admiral!

Lord Nelson’s partner during the Battle of Trafalgar

Buried in Section 53, Row K, Number 19