Death by Podcast

Reading Old Cemetery undertaking Project (#ROCuP) presents

Welcome to Season 1 of our podcast! This is an attempt to capture some of the memories and work of local residents about Reading Old, research about some of its permanent residents and wider conversations around grief and bereavement in the past and present…

Episode 1

#Friends for ever: Introducing the Friends of Reading Old-Econet

Episode 2

Poor you!: Paupers’ graves & Reading Old Cemetery

Episode 3

All quiet in Eastern Reading: Researching WW1 graves

Episode 4

Workers of Reading unite: Discussing social movement

Episode 5

Pushing up Daisies: A walk through Reading Old

Episode 6

We do it for the kids: Preservice teachers’ reflections on Death Education

Episode 7

Enjoy the silence: Soundscapes at a cemetery